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Fly fishing Godec

Specialized in organizing fly-fishing daily trips, fly-fishing tours and other travel excursion around Slovenia
We organize guided fly-fishing tours and daily guided trips to well-known and slightly more out-of-the-way fly-fishing destinations in Slovenia. We are proud of our fly-fishing school, where as well as instructing individuals in the basics of fly-fishing.
“Above all I want to encourage and inspire!”
Matej Godec
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Soča river

Soča river
The Soča river lies in the northwestern part of Slovenia. It is famous for its purity and water of emerald colors. Its specialty is deep and narrow troughs carved into the vivid rock bottom. The attraction of the river is the marble trout, which is considered the most desirable fish in our waters. Graylings and rainbow trouts are also living in it.

Custom tours

Flyfishingodec offers several individual or group tours in season 2022. If you have any special wishes, contact me.
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